Think of Remrise as your daily sleep vitamin. Plant powered, Remrise ingredients work hard to get you better quality sleep night over night.

Additionally, our eastern herbs are paving the way for longer term health benefits that indirectly impact your sleep. How so you might ask?

  • Gut health: More often than not, health issues trace back to healing the largest organ in your body first - your gut. Reshi mushroom, just one of many Remrise ingredients, have been known to  influence the composition and ratio of bacteria and reverse gut imbalance which can occur due to poor diet, stress, inflammation, etc.
  •   Anti - Aging: The fountain of youth resides in brighter skin, stronger nails and shinier, fuller hair. TCM has long been linked to anti aging as many herbs like Ginseng, Reishi, and Dragon Eye Fruit, some of the hero ingredients of Remrise, all work from the inside out to boost your beauty.
  • Anti Inflammatory: Inflammation in the body can take many forms - redness, heat, bloating, or swelling. It can be temporary or chronic. Anti inflammatory diets and foods help address some of these issues. So does TCM. Angelica Root, a Remrise eastern ingredient, has been known to be a powerful anti inflammatory herb. Combating menstrual cramps, menopause, arthritis, and other chronic illnesses. 

  • Brain Health / Mood Booster:  A healthy brain, is a happy mind. But what does brain health look like? High levels of neuroplasticity is an indicator. Neuroplasticity is the process by which our brains can change, adapt and grow which is important to overall cognitive functions. Increasing these efforts in areas like the hippocampus may lead to an increase in mood.  Polygala Tenufolia, one of the ingredients in Remrise, is a powerful eastern herb that has been said to help increase overall brain health and cognitive function. Strengthen your mind while you sleep and get better Zzzs!